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You need a video. 


No matter your goal­ – create brand awareness, call people to action, increase sales – a professional, well-crafted video is the most effective way to achieve it.


But how do you get there?  The distance from knowing you need a video to having one in your marketing arsenal can seem like an insurmountable gap.  We get it; it can feel overwhelming.  A concept, a script, a film crew, an editor – those are just a handful of the countless elements that go into video production. 


You need a team.


A team that can create, execute and deliver. 


That’s our cue. We guide you through every step of the process.  From rough draft to final cut, our experience, innovative spirit and commitment to quality make the process smooth, creative and fun. Our clients work with us again and again, because we produce effective videos that get people excited and keep them engaged. They also like that we deliver on time and on budget.


Turns out, you need more than a video.  You need a first-class video production company that delivers. 


Don’t worry.  You found us.  And we got this.

Video Project Ten28 Avenue P Productions

You're in the right place! Let's create something great together.

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