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Working with John Crane and David Burke is fun. They’re smart, creative, efficient, open-minded, and filled with fresh ideas. They are also great listeners and skillful collaborators with an eye for detail. This is reflected in two beautiful book trailers they made for me. I’ve received many compliments on (and business opportunities from) these short films. I am grateful for Ten28 Avenue P Productions and look forward to our next project.

Bella Mahaya Carter, author, teacher, speaker, coach


Working with David and John and Ten28 Avenue P Productions was one of the best experiences both professionally and personally. These guys really excel at telling your company’s story in an engaging and compelling way. David and John are a pleasure to work with and they made me feel so comfortable in front of the camera. It’s not easy to condense what my design firm does into such a short timeframe and the entire Ten28 team went above and beyond to deliver a beautiful film that conveys our message perfectly! I highly recommend them to any business owner who is looking to reach more clients and present themselves in the best way possible. Thank you, David and John! 

Rande Leaman, Rande Leaman Interior Design


To commemorate the 10 year anniversary of our firm, Backbone Capital, I did an endurance trail run of the Backbone trail in the Santa Monica Mtns, and we decided to make a big deal of it and make a video.  We have known David Burke since early 2000’s as our kids when to school together, David was always fun and very professional about whatever task was at hand, and we knew he was doing professional commercial-industry videos.  Since we run a finance company and have no idea of how to do a real video production, we called David… enter David & John of  ten28 Ave P Productions.  They listened to “what we think we wanted” and helped us envision what is realistic, would be cool & great, kept us in line with budget and were flexible and “worked with us”,  etc… The planning and prep-work was very professional and we scouted locations together.  The day of video shooting & audio recording was very well planned out with logistics scheduled and we kept to the schedule.  There are always adjustments to be made in real time and they where creative and professional about all.  The post production work was exceptional for video and audio.  The Final product was amazing!  Over 4k views on LinkedIn, and sent to ~3k emails, I had many, many comments of what a kickass video it was, how professional it was, etc….  Most folks in my finance industry are not used to a business video blending finance & mtn trail running.  All was a hit, and in the end I believe “outlier great results”. Well done to the whole team,  and thank you David & John for running the operation, being a good & fun team to work with and delivering an awesome final product!

Britt Terrel, CEO Backbone Capital


Read to a Child® faced many challenges at the onset of the COVID-19 pandemic. David and John have been fantastic partners to us, helping to navigate the many changes and pivots we had to make to remain viable. Their video work has been an incredible asset to our marketing and fundraising efforts and even helped us as we launched a new program to reach students as they learned from home. This past year would not have been the same without the incredible work from Ten28 Avenue P Productions.  

Paul Lamoureux, CEO Read to a Child


I’ve been doing industrial and marketing video work for many years and want to say that my experience with Ten28 Avenue P Productions was as good as it gets. David, John and their professional crew helped us pivot and overcome a number of scheduling challenges. They have a high attention to quality and detail. They were personally invested in making our PSA ad series the best it could be… and the end-product’s quality and effectiveness reflected that. We worked with them from preproduction through final edits and it was a pleasure. This is a top-notch company with a real heart.

Robert Smith, CASA, Los Angeles


It is an honor and joy to work with John and David! They bring fiercely creative concepts to the table, draft intelligent and witty scripts, and flawlessly execute these ideas to deliver videos that are both humorous and poignant. I am continually impressed with their work ethic, attention to detail, and unwavering commitment to excellence. They elevate the art of storytelling and provide inspirational pieces that I am proud to share with our community.

Vivianne Fernquist, CH Fund Manager, Campbell Hall Episcopal


Ten28 Avenue P was recommended to me by a friend three years ago, and we have worked with the company ever since. John and David produce beautifully crafted films that capture the heart and soul of our business, motivate our volunteers, and influence our donors. They are creative, receptive to our mission, and respectful of the at-risk families we serve.  I cannot recommend them more highly. Thanks John and David!

Rob Myers, Executive Vice President of Development, Hathaway-Sycamores


Although the baking profession seems simple, it is difficult to articulate what we actually do to our customers.  John and David were able to tell our bakery’s story so beautifully.  The video shows what drives us to wake up in the early hours each day;  how much we love what we do and how each product we create for our customers is important to us.    Not only does the video attract new customers, it shows our existing customers how much we care and maintaining that relationship is what drives our business.

Mary Odson, Owner, Big Sugar Bakeshop – Studio City and Downtown Los Angeles


The video is pitch perfect—visually beautiful and interesting, the right pace, and– especially– the right information within the perfect emotional tone.  What’s even more remarkable to me is David and John’s ability and willingness to listen until they’ve got what you’re trying to achieve.   Then, even after the project is 99% perfect, they are not content until you are 100% content.  It’s not just that they are willing to go the extra mile toward 100%, they actually want to do that and will keep going until everyone in the room sits back, grins, and wipes away a tear.  It was utterly delightful to travel the road with them from initial discussion to the final product.

Eileen Powers, Director, Campbell Hall Public Partnerships


We wanted to produce a series of video vignettes that made Notre Dame High School come to life in a way that speaks to students and parents facing the difficult decision of choosing a private high school. David and John and Ten28 Avenue transformed our school mission to film so that our unique family character shined through. It was a valuable experience and the end product (the vignettes) are continuing to speak to prospective families and serve us well.

Brett Lowart, President, Notre Dame High School


As a marketing professional I have seen it all.  I was impressed not only with John and David’s professionalism, but also with their kind and considerate nature. Their first priority was to put my daughter and I at ease during the interview at our home and what could have been a stressful process, ended up being a positive experience for everyone involved. I would absolutely work with them again!

Shoshana Puccia – Senior Manager, Marketing, Santa Monica Place


I worked with John on a piece that had to do with my work as a therapist providing treatment to teens at a high school. He profiled the work I did with a boy whose history included complex trauma and abuse and with subject matter that was quite heartbreaking. He was warm, kind and accessible which allowed my client to be himself and open up in a way that resulted in a video that was authentic, inspiring and about transformation. John was able to present a clear depiction of the relationship between my client and myself and showcase what my agency does for kids and families. The video portrayed the truth of a fragile broken boy who emerged as a model for young adults. I am thankful to John for his ability to work with my client in such a way where he felt comfortable in the telling of his story. Thank you!

Katie Pine LMFT


“At the risk of sounding trite, I cannot say enough positive things about working with John and David.  I had limited experience being videotaped and was anxious about the experience, especially in a professional context.  John and David have an outstanding ability to create a supportive, safe and relaxed environment when taping.  Throughout the process, they explained what to expect and worked closely with my organization to meet our objectives.  The end product which they produced exceeded my expectations.  It had a clear and powerful message but was also able to tell a very touching and inspiring story.   It was obvious that they connected with our goals and cared about the end product.  They continue to remain invested in working with our agency to utilize material which they had produced which could further support our agency’s goals.   I would without hesitation recommend working with Ten28 Avenue Productions whether for personal or professional projects.”

Susan Fierberg, LCSW, Adoption Specialist, Hathaway-Sycamores


“David and John are great to work with and they have terrific ideas.  On our first project together, they  understood our intentions early and were flexible and diligent throughout the process.  They communicate thoroughly and are efficient and creative collaborators, which is a rare combination of strengths.  We loved their final products and look forward to working with them again.”

Susan Hixon, Director of Development and Communications, Episcopal Communities & Services, The Sophie Miller Foundation


Working with John has consistently exceeded our expectations. He has worked with me and my client, Hathaway-Sycamores Child and Family Services,  in creating poignant, meaningful videos that serve us in a myriad of ways. These videos have helped the agency tell its story in a format that resonates and connect with the agency’s stakeholders on a much more meaningful level. John is an absolute pleasure to work with – from brainstorming ideas, setting a schedule, and working through the logistics, to shooting the video and editing the video, he’s a total professional and qualified on all aspects of the production. On top of all, he’s a wonderful storyteller, and understands how to create a beautiful and effective video. I highly recommend him.

Suzanne Turpin, Marketing Communications Professional,

The Richard Mahan Group

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